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The Gulmi District: Resunga, Ridi &  Coffee farming

The Gulmi District: Resunga, Ridi & Coffee farming

It lies in the hill region in the western part of the country. The District is bounded by Pyuthan, Syangja, Baglung, Arghakanchi and Palpa District. Its length and width are approximately 40 km and 30 km respectively. It is about 465meter to 2690meter from the sea level.
Gulmi District a part of Province No. 5, is one of the seventy-seven districts of Nepal. The district, with Tamghas as its headquarters, covers an area of 1,149 kmĀ².

Gulmi Resunga

The main places of Gulmi district

Lek Part

Thaple lek
Marbhung lek
Wamidaha lek
Kal lek

Gulmi Ridhi

Besi part

Wami taxar

The Gulmi District is also one of 15 districts included in the Western Development Region.

Main Road of gulmi are Kaligandaki Corricor, palpa Ridi Tamghas Road.

Most of the people follow Hindu.

Gulmi Coffee Farming

The Gulmi District is renowned for coffee and Orange farming. Ruru, now also known as Ridi, is a market center where many temples are situated. Maghe Sankranti and other festivals are celebrated here and are popular among both tourists and locals.

This district gave birth to the many political icons who directly involved in Nepali politics such as Gokarna Bista, Pradip Gyawali, Chandra Bhandari, Amrit G. C., Ramkumari Jhakri, Maina Bhandari, etc.

The district government offices are in Tamghas, a small town and the first municipality of Gulmi, situated at the bottom of two hills Resunga and Arjun. Gulmi is rich in natural resources such as cobalt as well as naturally beautiful views that attract tourists in this district.

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